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    Hey guys

    first of all great site...
    second ill walk you through my problem.
    GMS .No mods to phone.purly factory.
    one day my phone wouldnt call out so i restarted the phone.all it did from there on was boot to the white HTC screen then to black screen then to white HTC screen. so i know it was stuck in a boot loop.. i booted it up into hboot and tryed recovery.no go.just keeps booting.also tryed factory reset.nope.tryed to write a stock ruu to it and it wrote successful but still stuck in boot loop.
    shooter v pvt ship s-on rl
    hboot 1.53.0007
    may 22 2012
    is what i have in hboot
    all i can do is get into Hboot.cant detect it with pc.

    im pretty good with computers and did alot of reading before i made this post, so if you have any ideas that i can try or have any questions i will do my best to try what you say i can do to get this back up and running.

    thanks in advance
    05-06-2014 05:47 PM

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