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    Hello, I've been trying for days to root my HTC EVO 3D. I successfully unlocked it and flashed a custom recovery (4EXT R7). However, when I try to flash SuperUser 3.1.3 I get the Aborted error. I've downloaded the SU zip from all sources I can find and all end up with the same error, so it can't be a bad flash.

    I also tried Revolutionary w/ SuperUser but the exact same results.

    My phone is a Sprint CDMA 2.9+ software, 4.0.1 android and 1.58HBOOT

    Currently is unlocked with S-ON
    11-23-2014 09:48 PM
  2. LyleVertigo's Avatar
    Finally, a clue. It appears that the SU zips are not corrupted when I download them, however when the recovery tries to flash them, it is then they become corrupted.

    Unable to install Super User to Root Phone.-wiskko1.png

    At first, one would think that it may be a bad recovery, but keep in mind I've tried Revolutionary before EXT4 and the problem was still occuring.

    What could be causing the zips to become corrupt upon flashing? It can't be flashing in general, because it has been able to flash both recoveries just fine.
    11-24-2014 11:36 AM

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