1. Zadias's Avatar
    Anyone else have have this issue? Is there a way I could reset my data to make 4G work? Should I contact sprint on this issue?

    Noob here, new member, thanks!! c:
    06-22-2011 09:59 PM
  2. pods22's Avatar
    I am also awaiting other replies. Also a first time Android user here...When I enable 4G from the 'Wireless & Networks' setting, my status just alternates between 'turning on' and 'turning off'?? I checked the 4G Coverage Map from Sprint and should be able to use 4G inside and outside. I am wondering if something is wrong with the 4G radio.
    06-25-2011 03:30 PM
  3. M3wThr33's Avatar
    Anyone figure this out yet?

    I used to get a stable 4G connection in my office at work. Now it just scans for about 2 seconds, then automatically shuts down.
    08-17-2011 07:26 PM