1. theotherlinh's Avatar
    *edit* may have found my issue. in the notification settings, "display message on screen" was set to sent and failure. changed it to failure only, seems to have worked

    Anyone using the stock app having this problem? I'll get a text message, respond to it, and move on with what I'm doing. I come back to the messaging app home screen to find new messages... except they aren't new messages. The last message is mine.

    So it's either thinking my text is new, or the notification for the incoming text hasn't somehow cleared.

    I saw a similar problem posted on the HTC support forums, but curious if anyone else is seeing this.
    07-03-2011 06:16 PM
  2. strat1227's Avatar
    I vaguely remember having this issue with the stock app, I only used it for a day or two though before switching back to handcent

    No clue how to fix it, didn't really bother trying. Does the notification go away then come back later? or just never go away?
    07-03-2011 06:19 PM
  3. theotherlinh's Avatar
    it'll go away when I open the conversation again.
    07-03-2011 07:03 PM
  4. mbj8448's Avatar
    I am having the same issue when I open the new text from the notification screen. Even after reading and/or responding to it, it is still marked as a new text in the conversation screen view. Only after opening it again does the notification go away. I have just been opening the text from the icon and conversation screen. Annoying, though. Hopefully they'll be a fix for this bug in a software update.
    07-05-2011 07:31 PM
  5. bigjoe7757's Avatar
    The above this worked for me, thanks
    07-05-2011 08:06 PM