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    so i had a huge problem in my hand to flash install kik kat rom which didnt work at all on my htc lte from sprint. so i made 2 back up which got deleted in the proccess so no recovery for mi. it took a well for mi to realize that because of the s-on on my evo lte i couldnt install cyanogen or vanir on my htc lte. however i stumbled into a youtube video with a guy installing mean bean on the htc lte i heard the whole finding finding one amazing fact that. Mean Bean actually lets you install s-on and s-off . Saved mi paying $30 for someone else to do it for mi. its working great. all you need is the super wipe and Mean Bean from Mikey to install it. now when i installed frist super wipe then mean bean next tap reboot. after that it will tell you need to reboot once again just wait for it to do it by itself teamwin will open once more then tap install and install just mean bean again then your ready to goo!
    12-15-2013 09:02 PM

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