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    I was asking for a link to the original article. I wasn't asking for your first born child or your ATM pin code. Moreover, what I was asking for would be considered by nearly everyone who posts in these or any other forums to be standard protocol or etiquette, however you want to look at it. Kinda' like not typing in all capital letters. Your first 3 points are in the same vein, so I will say this: it is a newsworthy item and I was happy to read the thread. I can understand you not wanting to see your point bogged down in a similar thread that is pushing 150 comments. Hell, I even "thanked" the original post!

    But (and this goes to your fourth and fifth points) reading a single paragraph that you copy and paste does not give me any perspective about the review or the reviewer who I may or may not agree with. Also when you copy and paste, the text appears to be yours. So at first glance it looks like you posted an update to your own post. You don't make the type bold-face or italicised or differentiate it in any way. It took a second to realize that you were actually quoting a different source. I've read all of the reviews on this device, as I'm sure most people here have done as well. Do I specifically remember what site A said vs. site B or site C? Not so much. They tend to be a blur. So it's nice to hit the link and get a quick refresher. And hitting that link, by the way, opens a new tab on my PC or my phone. It doesn't navigate away from this thread. You would rather have me navigate away from this thread back to the forums; then to the appropriate thread listing the relevant info you were discussing here; then navigate that thread to find the link to the info you were discussing here; then click that link which opens a new tab, but then I have to navigate back to the forums (again) and then back to this thread (again). Which of those sounds easier? I understand that it isn't back-breaking labor in either case, but it is a matter of simplicity.

    As for your last 2 points, you can't dictate the target audience of a thread. None of us can. The best you can do is put it in the correct forum and sub-forum (i.e. HTC Android Phones > Sprint HTC EVO Forums) and then everyone else gets a crack at it. If you wanted to address your points only to people who had read the other thread regarding all of the device reviews, that's where you should have put your comments, but we've already discussed why they were not posted in that thread. And while I can appreciate your not wanting to get into a discussion of Engadget or their reviews in general, you'll see that 3 responses in, your thread turned into exactly that:

    I hate Edgadget reviews & their podcast is even worse there's no reason to have the wifi and lte on if its not connected
    And then the topic turned to comments on the review site itself.

    I'm not trying to be a schmuck here, although it may appear that way, but I certainly don't think asking for a source link is asking for much. You've done it in other treads that you have started. And one of those (wait for it........... ) was an Engadget article! All that being said, I do appreciate the update on the review because we're all looking for some more anecdotal information on long-term battery life from this device.
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