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    Anyone else having problems with the font size in emails using the mail app? No matter what I set the font size to the fonts in the emails are extra large. So large sometimes that you can't even see the whole message without scrolling from side too side, and you cannot zoom out either. I remember seeing some posts about this issue when people first got the One X, but I don't know if there was ever any resolution. It makes the mail app almost unusable at times.

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    05-24-2012 07:07 PM
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    05-24-2012 07:21 PM
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    yes its horrid. same issue I have on the OneX. Cant adjust it for anything. It sucks bad.
    05-24-2012 07:28 PM
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    Thought I would bring this thread back up to the top now that more people have received and had a chance to use their EvoLTE's. I've noticed that the shifting font size is not limited to the Mail app but also to Messages. Yesterday the font size in Messages started out as normal, then later in the day it was tiny, and now this morning it is back to normal again. In Mail, regardless of what setting I select, the fonts are always huge. Sometimes when I open an e-mail the fonts are initially small (which is the setting I have selected), but change to extra large within a split second.

    I do remember seeing some issues with this when the One X was released on AT&T. I had a One X on AT&T for several days though, and wasn't experiencing the problem, so I didn't really pay close attention, especially since I hwas having other issues with it instead, like not being able to make or receive any calls. So far with he EvoLTE, however, the only mention I've seen on the issue is the post by ruprotocol above. Just wondering if that means no one else is having the issue, or is their some fix or workaround that I have missed?

    Hopefully I am missing something as this issue makes reading emails especially cumbersome. I'm sure that when more ROM's become available that this will be solved for me, but at this moment I am looking for the short term fix. Thanks.
    05-26-2012 07:40 AM
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    Same problem here - I've picked the "small" font, and it is indeed small in the email message view, but when you open an email to look at the fonts are large and you have to scroll not only up and down but also left and right to see the whole message. Wack...
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    06-03-2012 08:07 AM
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    Ditto!! It is really bugging me since I use this app exclusively for work.

    *crossing fingers it gets fixed soon*

    PS. Pinch to zoom in/out works, but the smallest font is still huge.
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    06-04-2012 06:21 PM
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    Yes, same prob here with new HTC one X for ATT. Very frustrating, but glad i'm not alone.
    Hoping for fix ASAP.
    06-14-2012 05:22 PM
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    Any updates on this? This is really starting to annoy me.
    07-27-2012 04:04 PM
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    creightoncarr you may want to blur parts of that image.
    07-27-2012 05:53 PM