1. jwbekens's Avatar
    HTC Mobile Guide has instructions for ringtone clipping from songs in the Music player, but my phone doesn't have this capability. Anyone else actually have this ability? Not the biggest deal, but it is in the guide.
    05-26-2012 09:25 PM
  2. Mascram's Avatar
    The ability is there. Not sure why you can't find it.

    Anyway, just open up your App Menu, and start the "Music" app. Find the song you want to make into a ringtone, and press the ... menu button. Select "Set as Ringtone". Once you do that, it should ask you if you want to use it as a Phone Ringtone, a Contact Ringtone, or if you would like to Trim the Ringtone. Select Trim the Ringtone and trim it however you would like.

    Hope that helps, though, I do realize I'm months late to this.
    10-05-2012 03:32 PM
  3. jwbekens's Avatar
    It only came back after the most recent update that brought back custom ringers and changed the Beats audio to get rid of the options for different headsets. The trim the ringtone feature was not there until that update.
    10-05-2012 09:02 PM