1. bobby james's Avatar
    The music widget let's me pick my google music account and even shows what's playing on the lock screen, but it shows nothing on the actual widget. It says"No music found. Tap to go to the music application". Am I doing something wrong or is that the way it's set up? It's just weird to me that it shows what's playing and the artwork for my google music but not on the actual widget.
    06-01-2012 09:52 AM
  2. Mofus's Avatar
    Maybe the widget can only show local music; not music from the cloud. Try moving some songs onto the phone's memory and see if those show up on the widget.
    06-01-2012 10:00 AM
  3. jlo8720's Avatar
    I'm not sure of your set up/app usage, but I think both the google music and HTC music apps call their widget "music". obv the google one will acces your cloud music, make sure youre not opening/viewing the HTC music app if you are only trying to play could music.
    06-01-2012 02:52 PM