1. nickevans1979's Avatar
    I've seen in some of the screenshots that people are posting about their battery life that the screen can take up anywhere from 30% to 60%. Mine is typically at or above 60%. I keep my screen brightness set to about 25% brightness, and I turn the screen off manually each and every time I'm done using the phone. I think the battery life on my EVO 4G LTE is awesome, but I can't help but wonder how some people are getting their screen not to consume as much power as mine.

    What are your screen settings/preferences?

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    06-04-2012 01:16 PM
  2. BigDinCA's Avatar
    I leave mine on Auto during the day and usually drop it to the lowest setting at night. I have had days where the screen used less than 50% battery and others, like yesterday watching nearly 4 hours of Netflix, where it consumes over 70% battery. The screen will always be the biggest juice-user. Your GTA3 and Angry Birds usage of 19% tells me that you were playing for awhile, so the screen was on for that duration. It's really all about screen on-time more than anything else. There is a given amount of voltage and current required to illuminate the screen, regardless of the brightness. Increasing the brightness 25% doesn't equate to a 25% increase in battery usage. It may only be a 7-10% increase over what the screen is using anyway.
    06-04-2012 01:59 PM
  3. jcole01272's Avatar
    I am wondering the same...my screen usage is never below 60%, but my wife's phone is typically 40%-50%. I agree that the screen would and should take up the bulk of the power supply, but on the day in question I turned on my screen less time than my wife (see was browsing from the phone while I was on my notebook) but still I still ended up at 63% while she was at 44%, which doesn't make sense to me...any ideas?
    06-05-2012 09:22 AM
  4. nickevans1979's Avatar
    Today, mine is at 54% so far. I've got the brightness all the way down, and I haven't done anything on the phone so far except for read about 3 articles online. No games, and nothing else. It's been running on battery for about 10 hours now and I've still got 93% left, so absolutely no complaints there, but my screen is still showing more than half of that 7% battery consumption. I know I've seen other people's screen shots of battery consumption showing the screen down in the 30's. What gives?
    06-05-2012 09:34 AM
  5. Darth Mo's Avatar
    Remember that is just a percentage of total battery use, it doesn't mean that your screen is physically using extra power.

    So without knowing what other processes you have running, we can't tell if your battery drain is abnormal. If one user has a lot of background process that uses a lot of data, the percentage will be lower. Also, if a user simply doesn't wake up the phone as often, that number will be smaller as well.
    06-05-2012 09:41 AM