1. nieuwiefan's Avatar
    Anyone having this issue? I experience this about once a day and I think it happens whenever I turn off the Mobile Network and turn it back on. Unfortunately, I live in a 3G challenged area right now, so I use the widget to turn off network data to preserve battery life. I send the report to HTC everytime, but I wanted to know if anyone is having this issue?
    06-15-2012 11:14 AM
  2. stealth721's Avatar
    Yes my phone freezes/restarts randomly. Could be viewing webpages or taking pictures. I am also using an otter box case. Don't know if its over heating or what. I'll have to take off the case when I get home from vacation.
    06-17-2012 03:02 PM
  3. RUSH's Avatar
    Eight out Ten times this is a result from installing an application that is causing conflict with the system. Uninstall applications that you are not using - the less installed apps is the better the device function.

    P.s. This type of behavior you'll never get away from as long as there are installed applications on the device.
    06-17-2012 03:26 PM
  4. myevouser's Avatar
    I am having a similar problem: when I turn on the Wi-Fi my phone restarts. After the phone restarts, the Wi-Fi is on. This happens nearly every time. Seems like a software problem to me.
    06-19-2012 09:26 AM
  5. webhaus's Avatar
    I had this problem.. Went through the rounds of running in Safe Mode, reseting profile and eventualy doing a full reset of the phone to factory. None of that fixed my problem so i swapped it out for a new one and Best Buy last night. Mine seemed to be tied between a wifi and 3g data handoff as far as I could tell, since it would happen when i would walk down the steet from my house with runkeeper active and it would reset.
    06-19-2012 02:35 PM
  6. htc evo 4g's Avatar
    I heard somewhere on this forum (trying to find the post) that resetting the phone to factory fixes this issue.... Has anyone tried this? I also saw a post that if you reset the phone, Google wallet will mess up. Well Google wallet is already messed up so that wouldn't really matter. Anyone had any luck after resetting to factory?

    UPDATE: I did a factory reset and boy did that makes a difference! I am getting almost 20 hrs of battery life thus far and it has never gotten hot, rebooted or anything else that drove me crazy about this phone. I'm starting to like this phone more and more now, will love more and more once LTE kicks in. Suggest you factory reset and start fresh.

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    06-23-2012 01:47 PM
  7. myevouser's Avatar
    I read on another forum that disabling the "fast boot" and performing the "updates" will help. Also I avoid turning on the "Wi-fi" in areas with a weak signal. I did this and it made a big difference, only restarts every few days or so.
    06-26-2012 09:39 AM