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    So just picked up the EVO LTE a few days ago.

    Bought the car dock yesterday (friday) ... odd that it didnt come with a charging cable, but its no big deal. I have plenty of spare USB cables ... I had a Seido car dock for my OG EVO 4G and it was rock solid. As soon as i put the phone in the dock it would immediately go into google car home (rooted with CM7). Never had any issues.

    I assumed I would have the same experience but thats not the case. If there is no power to the car dock and I place my EVO LTE into the dock it will immediately go into car mode. WIN. thats exactly what I want it to do.

    HOWEVER .. if there is already power going to the dock, it will not launch car mode. The phone will charge, but its as if its just plugged into the wall ... it will not go into car mode. I can scroll through the apps and launch it manually, but i shouldnt have to do that. So if i want the car home app to launch i have to put the phone in the cradle before i turn the car on, which i find odd.

    anyone having similar issues, or a fix for this?

    This is the official sprint car dock btw ...

    I know this doesnt matter because i've tested it, but i've hardwired a car charger to USB to the 12v plug in my car. that way i have the cable attached to the adapter behind the scenes and the cable comes up and out of my air vent for a more clean look.

    This setup worked fine with the old car dock and it works fine for this as well ... as long as i put the phone into the dock before starting the car. I know thats not the issue because i bypassed that method and used a regular 12v to USB adapter and it had the exact same symptoms....

    help please?
    07-28-2012 02:34 PM
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    Crisis averted.

    I should have done this from the start ...
    I simply sideloaded the google car dock app and launcher APK that i had from my previous phone ... if you find it in the market it states its not compatible, but thats absolutely not true ..

    regardless using that app instead of the HTC car home is all that i needed to do apparently.

    all is well in the world.

    Its a shame though cause HTC's car home app is pretty sweet .. its very nice looking and simple ... i might start trying out other car homes, just to have some better eye candy while the phone is in the car dock.

    just updating this in case anyone else is having the same issue ...
    07-29-2012 06:50 PM