1. AFR_NY's Avatar
    When I first got my phone I went into the apps and disabled as many HTC apps that I could. I really dont use them all and Id rather not have that bloat running. One of the apps I went to disable was the HTC Watch app. It turns out that the app was actually uninstalled and removed, not disabled.

    Now Im looking to use the app, but I cannot find where to download it. I dont hack, but can someone who knows help me get this back on my phone without a factory restore???
    07-31-2012 01:24 PM
  2. zmann's Avatar
    Do a factory reset. That is most likely your only option. That will work.

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    07-31-2012 02:22 PM
  3. Kizzmocat's Avatar
    I did a factory data reset, erased my HTC account, reset my account, got the free 25 dollar credit! The only issue was messing with my phone for a few hours after loading all my apps and settings again, it was actually kind of fun, like having a new phone again! Good luck

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    07-31-2012 04:57 PM