1. bmxracer240's Avatar
    So I changed my gmail password after someone tried to access my account and now my phone wont recognize my new password. I can log out and sign in to gmail on my computer with my new password as many times as I want but it keeps saying i've entered the wrong password on my phone. Anyone have any ideas?
    10-31-2012 08:04 PM
  2. anon(94115)'s Avatar
    go into settings----apps. Find gmail and clear data on it. You should be ok after that
    10-31-2012 10:05 PM
  3. bmxracer240's Avatar
    Just did that and its doing the same thing. I have a Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 that I had to re log in to for the same reason and that worked like a charm the first time.
    10-31-2012 10:17 PM
  4. anon(94115)'s Avatar
    do you have google account manager listed? You might want to try to get rid of that one too
    10-31-2012 10:21 PM
  5. bmxracer240's Avatar
    I can't find that running.
    10-31-2012 10:34 PM
  6. bmxracer240's Avatar
    Well after 9 restarts I was finally able to log on. Not sure what the deal was. Thanks for the help though.
    10-31-2012 10:42 PM
  7. Rasha Sharif's Avatar
    Hi I have the same issue...did you restarted the cell phone to work it out?
    05-19-2013 09:35 PM

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