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    Let me say a short bit of history before I begin stating why this is the case:

    About two months ago, I purchased a Galaxy S III in white after moving on from a Galaxy Nexus (LOVED this phone btw). Although the Galaxy Nexus has been the ONLY phone in the last 3 years that I have managed to keep longer than 3 months (kept it for almost a year), I did enjoy the Galaxy S III to a certain extent. After a while, I decided to try out the HTC ONe Series for one simple reason: hardware quality.

    One of the main beefs with the Galaxy Series has been the lack of a solid hardware quality. They are made out of what seems to be "dollar store" plastic, although this has changed a bit toward the positive with the GSIII. However, I have always been willing to pay the extra dollar for great hardware. For example, I will not purchase a PC made out plastic, it must be made of magnesium or aluminum or something that makes me feel like I have a quality product when I hold it. For this reason, I purchased an iPhone (which I only could stand for two months before disliking the OS completely) once upon a time. Needless to say, I LOVE great hardware.

    So, I decided to leave the Galaxy S III to try out something that felt better in my hand, and that had great hardware casing quality: THe HTC One series, in this case, the Evo 4G LTE. I will say that from day 1, I have loved holding the device, but then I found more, and I was intrigued.

    First, the stand is actually very, very useful. I used to think that such thing would be a minor detail that most people wouldn't use, but I use it ALL THE TIME. Second, the camera is marginally better than that of the S3 according to my tests, and of course, my subjectivity. Not to mention I love the layout of the camera, and the ability to control exposure and ISO, something that I really actually use!

    Third, Sense is miles ahead of touchwiz when it comes to an overall skin experience. Touchwiz just isn't there yet... I don't quite know why I didn't like it, but it didn't feel like it meshed with Android 4.0. Sense DOES.

    Fourth, THE SCREEEEEN!!! This screen is miles ahead of the Galaxy S3. I read reviews about both devices before I made up my mind, and in general, it seemed as if reviewers were giving a very positive review of the screen on the GS3. However, I don't think it compares. The screen on the HTC is miles better, brighter, and looks much, much crisper. I suppose the pentile critics are correct.... I know it is the same resolution, but the screen on my Evo looks a thousand times better.

    Fifth, I thought BEATS audio was just a gimmick. I am an audiophile. The most expensive part of my Home Theater is my sound system (Klipsch Towers with 7.1 surround), my computer speaker is Bose Dock Series 10, my car has a Alpine aftermarket sound system, and I have Audio Techniqua headphones. Needless to say, I love good sound. I thought the GS3 sounded decent, I had no issues with it. When I plugged in my headphones to the Evo, I was shocked. I didn't know it was going to be ANY different, but instead, I heard things I never had before. The music was punchier, clearer and a bit louder (although not much). I was SOLD at this point.

    Finally, the phone is faster. Yes. Faster. After using the GS3 for about two months, I can tell you, objectively, that the HTC Series is faster than the Galaxy S 3. Is it MUCH faster? No. But it is noticeably faster. I loved this. I like it when I can just do what I want on my phone without having to wait for it, and the Evo does just that.

    Verdict: there is one thing I did not mention: I had my Galaxy S 3 on Verizon. Because of my job, I get hefty discounts on service with Sprint so I got a phone with them in addition to my other device. I wanted to just try out Sprint, and see what they are like. Their data speeds are EXTREMELY slow, so I was going to return the device.

    However, the device is just too good to give up. I love the feel, the screen, the speed, the music, the camera, and I ESPECIALLY love Sprint's integration with Google Voice and Google Wallet, two apps from google that I use a lot. For these reasons, I am going to keep the phone. Yeah, I will have two phones under my Google Voice number, and some of you will call me stupid for doing so. However, a phone is what I use 70% of the time when I am on the go and it is worth it, especially with a device this good.

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    11-09-2012 01:20 AM
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    I'll have to agree with your rant. My first smartphone was the org Evo 4g, when it was time to upgrade I was wavering between the SG3 and EvoLte. After many trips to the local sprint store to compare both devices (that they just happened to have side be side) I was sold on the EvoLte. It just felt like it was better built. I felt that if I dropped the SG3 that it would shatter into pieces. And I didnt care much for the touchwiz UI. Not that it was that bad, i was coming from sense to begin with and would make the trans to new phone that much more easier. Samsung makes great products too I just feel that they could be better made. HTC doesnt get the exposure that they need to get their phone/company going in the states, but they hold their own. I hope to see HTC make a come back and stay in the top tier of phone makers......... and getting that Jellybean update out for the EvoLte wouldn't hurt
    11-09-2012 08:41 AM
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    I wanted to just try out Sprint, and see what they are like. Their data speeds are EXTREMELY slow, so I was going to return the device.
    If you can be patient, the Sprint network should be ramped up to Verizon-like speeds and coverage over the next year (at least, that is their plan). I know for me it can't happen soon enough because my area is so slow during the day, the network is often almost unusable (sometimes 20kps, I kid you not.... slower than a slow 1995 telephone modem from 17 years ago). Of course, speeds can vary greatly depending on EXACT location and time of day. Some people routinely get almost 2000kps on Sprint's 3G.
    11-09-2012 09:21 AM
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    I totally agree on the hardware. I had a pretty minimal case from the begining and I recently shed the case for a while and I'm loving the feel and build of the phone. I was a long time iphone user and enjoyed the solid feel of the phones and HTC definitely did a great job in this area
    11-09-2012 10:19 AM

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