View Poll Results: Is your phone better before or after the update?

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  • My phone was better with ICS before the update

    17 31.48%
  • My phone is now better with JB

    37 68.52%
  1. So Cold's Avatar
    Title says it all, just curious how everyone feels. For what it's worth before the update I think I had about every bug anyone had and now after the update my battery life leaves something to be desired but all in all I'm pretty happy.
    01-03-2013 02:18 PM
  2. balansboy's Avatar
    Mine is considerably better!!! I few glitches here and there, but nothing major. It had gotten almost unusable before the update.
    01-03-2013 02:37 PM
  3. Andras's Avatar
    I've been lucky with my phone and have never had any MAJOR issues. Every software out there has bugs and whatnot. Now immediately after the update my phone was wonky as hell.... but a hard reset, and weeding out an app or two that wasn't working properly with JB and now my phone is much better than before.
    01-03-2013 03:16 PM
  4. errbin's Avatar
    mine sux wallpaper and keyboard reset to default every time I reboot and sometimes while using it and also all the other issues everyone else has with sensors and what not

    sent from a EVO that survived a Apple attack... thug life
    01-03-2013 04:15 PM
  5. sed51329's Avatar
    Either way people complain. The phone update could make you a free four course meal daily, and someone would complain about the consistency of the mashed potatoes.
    So Cold and Mikey47 like this.
    01-03-2013 05:10 PM
  6. MangoPowah's Avatar
    Either way people complain. The phone update could make you a free four course meal daily, and someone would complain about the consistency of the mashed potatoes.
    If only it could.

    Even more stuff to rub in iPhone users' faces.
    Mikey47 and sed51329 like this.
    01-03-2013 06:08 PM
  7. bw75's Avatar
    My signal was horrible after I updated my firmware. I ended up doing a Nandroid back to ICS, then downgraded my radio and PRI.
    Edit: As well as proximity sensor and battery issue.
    01-03-2013 10:27 PM
  8. socratesman's Avatar
    JB is great because I love Google Now, but I think my GS3 was better with ICS. I've been suffering through a phone with a physical home button because of the awesome battery life. After I got the JB update though, my battery life is far worse. It's just like any other LTE device now. I am also getting a lot of lag anytime I flip to a home screen that has the gmail widget on it. I have tried it on all screens and consistently get the same results. I know I probably just need to reset the phone, but I have had to do that several times already for other random issues. Of course I know it's not Jelly's Samsung.
    01-05-2013 01:45 PM
  9. ncfanboy's Avatar
    Considerably better then before jb, of course there are a few issues with any software update. I'm not having nearly as much problems then before.

    Sent from my EVO using Android Central Forums
    01-05-2013 03:21 PM
  10. crimedog1989's Avatar
    My phone has had an issue with the keyboard lagging or sticking but I got use to it. Now after the update the keyboard issue seems fine but the other issues that others are having like sensor, home screens lagging, BATTERY big time, ect. are problems. Now, when the update came out, I was not having sensor issues then all of a sudden it started about two weeks from the update. I have done the resets and turning stuff off but to no avail. I know that the issues are being dealt with and things will be fixed with some kind of update. All said and done I still love this phone. I get 4g in some of the areas now and love it. Can't wait till Sprint gets it all up and running. I will say that this is the best EVO I have had out if all of them. My next phone might be a Note 2 though if HTC keeps going down.

    Sent from my EVO using Android Central Forums
    01-05-2013 03:22 PM
  11. crimedog1989's Avatar
    I forgot to add that the superior camera used to take awesome photos but after the update my photos seem lower quality than before. Not sure if anyone else has noticed or not but the photos just don't look as sharp as they did before.

    Sent from my EVO using Android Central Forums
    01-05-2013 03:39 PM
  12. Derek Dougherty's Avatar
    Did you try changing your settings on the camera?
    01-07-2013 05:56 PM
  13. shortbals's Avatar
    Much better!

    Sent from my EVO using Android Central Forums
    01-07-2013 10:18 PM

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