1. shaytoon21's Avatar
    So for a second I thought I could be cool with a friend and show them the features of jb that they're missing on their outdated phone when they saw what I'm using on my gnex.....they had 3.1 installed and they had jb available to dl... after we did so, the first thing they noticed was that their wallpaper pic no longer scrolls and I was embarrassed to see its a feature that was taken away.....wtf????

    They're not rooted or anything and are not in that scene. Is there something I'm missing or is this an (hopefully temporary) unfortunate loss?
    01-25-2013 04:26 PM
  2. errbin's Avatar
    I use Nova launcher to get my scrolling wallpaper back

    sent from a EVO that survived a Apple attack... thug life
    01-25-2013 05:03 PM
  3. kronosqq's Avatar
    Yeah, the JB update removed wallpaper scrolling. You can get it back through flashable mods or ROMs or via a launcher, although that'll get rid of sense homescreens

    Sent from my EVO using Android Central Forums
    01-26-2013 03:15 AM

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