1. biggamer3's Avatar
    I just got the Galaxy S3 after being all Evo for years. My Evo LTE had too many issues to continue staying with.

    I still have some pictures that were not on the external SD card i had, but the internal one. Any way to get these to transfer to my new phone or back up on my computer?
    02-08-2013 01:28 AM
  2. BoredandTattooed's Avatar
    Yeah... Theyre in /mnt/sdcard/dcim if they're from the camera....
    02-08-2013 01:39 AM
  3. biggamer3's Avatar
    Yeah... Theyre in /mnt/sdcard/dcim if they're from the camera....
    Can i get it from computer? When i plug it in now, it doesnt give me the option of SD Card anymore. I only have Charge only/HTC Sync Manager/Media Sync/Internet pass-through
    02-08-2013 01:49 AM
  4. biggamer3's Avatar
    oh i got it, did media sync, pretty dumb of me to have to ask, lol
    02-08-2013 01:50 AM

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