1. Jaggrey's Avatar
    My Play Store has been acting weird on both my phone and my wife's S3. I've noticed pretty consistently that when the phone tries to update an app in the background on it's own, it downloads reeeeaaaalllly slow. I mean I know I'm on Sprint, but c'mon Anyway, if I stop the update, close the Play Store, go back into it, and start it again, it downloads much faster.

    Has anyone else seen that happening?
    03-19-2013 12:48 PM
  2. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    Ive seen that happen to me a few times. I chalk it up to busy google server or thruput bottlenecks.
    03-19-2013 06:25 PM
  3. twilite2000's Avatar
    Just happened to me. Must be Google play.

    Sent from my Nexus 10
    03-19-2013 07:44 PM
  4. jlbattagli's Avatar
    Similar issue, but only over 4G.

    Just started getting 4G at the house recently (not officially launched, so presumably still in testing phase). Not super fast, but still blows away my DSL connection at home. Seems to work well on every other app I use, but the Play Store slows down to a painful crawl. I've tried stopping and restarting the download. I've tried closing and restarting Play Store. Heck, I've even tried restarting my phone, but 4G updates only creep in at a few kilobytes *a minute*! As soon as I switch to wi-fi, updates are much faster. Back to 4G, and I'm crawling again. Doesn't seem to have any relation to time-of-day, either, though I haven't gotten up in the middle of the night to research this No clue what's up with this, or if it is an issue with Sprint or the Play Store itself. Any ideas?
    03-29-2013 10:35 AM

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