1. etfonhom77's Avatar
    I have the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE and when I go to compose a new text message and I type in a person's name it brings up their current contact information as well as all the old numbers that they used in the past that have been deleted all under the same name, this makes it impossible to know what is the number I should be using to send them a text message. The same thing happens when I touch the people option and search for a name that way except in that case their current number shows with a picture (if I have one for them) and the old numbers don't. When I pick one of their old phone numbers and type it in the box to compose a message I can click on their profile and it brings up contact info with that old number BUT it DOES NOT GIVE THE OPTION TO DELETE IT. When I'm in just my contacts and not composing a message their old contact info does not show up. Can someone please tell me if there is a solution to this problem?
    09-05-2013 01:47 PM
  2. Scott Kenyon's Avatar
    Go into contacts in GMail using your PC and delete the info you do not want from there.
    09-05-2013 01:50 PM
  3. etfonhom77's Avatar
    I have already done that and none of it was stored in my Google Contacts on the PC only in my text messaging. I should mention this occurs when I'm using Swype or the HTC keyboard. Thank you for trying to help! Any more suggestions?
    09-05-2013 01:52 PM
  4. Scott Kenyon's Avatar
    Clear data from your messaging app. If that doesn't do it, try a third party app from the Play Store and let me know if it replicates the problem.
    09-05-2013 04:57 PM
  5. etfonhom77's Avatar
    Thanks I cleared the data from the swype app, is there somewhere else I should be trying to clear and if so where is it please? I downloaded CHOMP SMS and it's doing the exact same thing :-(
    09-05-2013 10:53 PM
  6. Scott Kenyon's Avatar
    Ensure you have your Google account synced. Manually perform a resync and it should get rid of the alternate information.
    09-06-2013 10:25 AM

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