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    I was out with friends tonight. I took a couple of pictures and set the phone down. I went to pick it up and it was off. I held down the button to turn it back on. When it came back on, it had all of these re-booted programs asking if I want to do x and y, push here, etc. Just like when I first got the phone. I kept hitting back space, and it went to a white screen with little messages in different colors....scrolling through different things. One of them said reset. I did not push that...I just turned it off and tried turning on again. Then it turned on...back to factory settings. All my information was gone! all my contacts, text messages, pictures, apps. Gone!!! CAN I RECOVER???? Please help me! I went to settings and it stated there had been an abnormal reset and did I want to send an error report. I did. It also stated a WIPER app was in process. I stopped it. I never uploaded that!! What the heck is going on.

    12-07-2013 02:32 AM

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