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    It doesn't happen a lot, but occasionally I put my phone in the dock and it's not charging. I get the triangle with the exclamation point and it says "unable to charge device, please use supported charger" This just started recently. It will not recognize any charger after that. I have to do a simulated battery pull in order for it to recognize a charger. Very frustrating. The charging cable I'm using is a Motorola. It never happens on the charger at home/work, just the car dock. Any ideas? Any possibility that it's actually the phone, and not the dock?

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    02-18-2014 03:30 PM
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    Update!!! Turns out that the charging port has 5 pins connecting it to the circuit board, two of the legs were broken. Guy from work soldered them back on and firmed it up with hot glue and Voila! Just like new!

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    02-20-2014 07:33 AM

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