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    I used my first Evo 4G for three years -no worries. I upgrade to Evo 4G LTE late last year and I was happy until about five weeks ago when 'Data Call Failure' started to appear when I was in 3G. I called Sprint and the tech' had me change the MSID# - did that then I realized I couldn't make or receive calls. Many more calls (using another phone) to Sprint (Tier one), they sent me another phone (same results) which has brought me to date.
    Here's the problem: My phone will not make or receive calls when I'm in (good) 3G areas. My drive to work starts in 4G then to 3G then 4 and finally ends in 3G. Sprint doesn't know or won't tell me what the problem is - well, they did say the tower (close to work) will be upgraded in June but didn't comment on the other 3G towers I use en route. Has anyone else had this problem or can tell me what it is?
    02-27-2014 10:28 PM

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