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    Recently bought a new car (2012 VW GTI) and I'm having an issue with Bluetooth and the EVO 4G LTE. The phone pairs fine, but for some reason there is no sound, but only during a call. The address book and other items (missed and received calls, e.g.) all sync. The streaming music option works and I am able to play music off the phone or through other apps (pandora, etc.). I can even see the track information in the display. When the phone rings it even comes through the car speakers, but when I answer neither party can hear the other. Same for making calls. The car will dial out, but no sound on the other end when they answer (I don't hear any ringing in the car either on outgoing calls).

    My buddy has a Nexus 4 and it works fine. Short of switching phones (which I am considering anyway) does anyone have any suggestion on settings I can adjust to possibly get it to work?

    I am running update 4.13.651.1. I would consider updating to the latest, but with some of the issues I am reading about I am not sure I want to.

    I should note the phone works fine in my 2011 BMW 335d, so I thought it may be something with the VW. But the Nexus 4 works fine. So, I am stumped.

    04-01-2014 10:32 PM

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