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    In my quest to locate the 4.3 update from a reliable source before I take the plunge...I located a live chat on their website and did that. Talked to Markie-Lee and he was gathering my information to "escalate" it so I could then be provided with a route to get the update from HTC. Is this normal? I gave him my software version, baseband, software version, then he asked for name and email of course and what operating system and browser I was using...thought that was weird...then he asked for IMEI and serial number...that is where I stopped the live chat. Seems like a lot of info needed for an update and basically I almost gave him my complete phone identity. When the live chat window popped up I got a virus warning from Kaspersky..not sure if I should have proceeded or not. I bet next question was my social security number LOL...he said he could give me a phone number to call in and do the same process...I told him I would locate it myself.
    04-08-2014 11:57 PM

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