1. lovebug170's Avatar
    used ROM manager to boot into recovery -- did a backup then wiped battery stats -- was going to do a full wipe and flash into cm7 but being an airhead, forgot to dl cm7 first so powered back on and found the rom manager isn't working properly, uninstalled and tried installing again, android market not working properly, tried a restore from Titanium for both rom manager and market and rebooted, still no luck..oh and booting into recovery thru vol down+power isn't working as well..

    any advice?
    10-09-2011 04:34 AM
  2. SmokeCrawler's Avatar
    I wipe my battery stats, but never had the issue you are seeing.

    To get into your bootloader with the volume down + power make sure your fastboot is turned off. That might be your issue there.
    10-09-2011 09:35 AM