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    Thanks to some very bright Devs, I've found a setup that improves my call quality, performance and battery life, sacrificing little to nothing.

    I consider myself a moderate user whose stock Evo would last about 17h on a single charge, with ok performance and a front speaker that sounded blown. I was contemplating an iPhone 4s out of frustration but last week, things changed.

    I flashed the following:
    Freedom Kernel by Lithid
    MikMik's Supersonic 3D RC1.2 ROM
    Modified Vocoder settings from EVRC to EVRC-B

    My Evo is now snappy, there is zero lag, it's as smoothe as can be. The graphics and functionality of the ROM are just awesome. The change to EVRC-B has gotten rid of the crackling speaker so far (functions in and out of roam). My battery is on target to last more than 24hrs. I'm once again enamored with this phone which replaced a very homebrewed Pre I hard time giving up and until now, I must admit I missed a bit.

    Kudos to the Devs - you all have a much earned donation from me. Keep up the good work!
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    11-14-2011 01:21 PM
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    Cool story bro.

    Glad you are staying on with the evo instead of going over to the iJunk

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    11-15-2011 08:27 AM
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    yo 4cdndctn your not the only one i still use my pre+ but the evo is starting to grow on me. i just wish the evo was capable of tethering just as long as my pre can. i also agree with dumped screw the icrap p.o.s.
    11-24-2011 05:08 AM
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    Hey now, don't be dissin' on the iPhone. They're really good phones. Well, until the 4. 4S just needs that battery bug worked on.

    The only reason I dislike it is because of the lack of customization (unless JB'd) and NO WIDGETS! Widgets are necessary!
    11-24-2011 03:05 PM