1. Jokerman518's Avatar
    Hello my name is Jonathan and today i figured out how to change the boot animation on the new Shooter RSLV4.4 E3d Port.

    First off I take no credit for any Roms or boot screens, I just wanted to change the load screen(sry Team Nocturnal)
    Second I take no responsibility If you Brick your phone, but you shouldnt have an issue.

    Anyways. First: start by going to [MOD]Boot Animation AND Down Animation[SynergyBlue] and download The Boot Animation and Down Animation .zip files.

    Second Step: Boot into Recovery mode and make a Backup just in case there any mishaps.

    Third Step: Reboot phone and Use Root Explorer or a program like Root Explorer to go into your Sdcard and copy the The Boot Animation & Down Animation to data/drm & data/local. You should see the two old zip files which are named the same as the two new ones, just paste the new files in the folder and it will replace them. Also: If you cannot find where the old boot files are located you can just use the Search function and search for "boot" and the program will automatically find all files with "boot" in it. IMPORTANT: read the dates of the boot zips to ensure your are replacing the old ones and not the new ones.

    Fourth Step: Reboot phone and that should be a wrap! Synergy Rom loading screen. I dont believe the Shooter Rom has a Down Animation but hey if your turning of the phone i dont think it really matters.

    Anyways, I havent tried changing the Boot and Down Animations on any other Roms or even using a different animation. If you always make a Backup you should be able to use the steps to find and change the boot animation on other roms also but i have read some boot animations are scripts.

    Enjoy everybody
    01-08-2012 12:18 PM
  2. billbowers's Avatar
    Or you can just push an animation called hTC_bootanimation.zip to data/local. Any boot animation can be used. Just name it correctly and push it to the right spot.
    01-11-2012 09:11 PM