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    Hi i am a newbie i have a problem here is my story Okay i used to be with Sprint i left sprint then i sent my HTC EVO 4G to android2boost.com to be flashed to Boost Mobile service. I have been with Boost for 3 months now well yesterday i called Boost and spoke to a rep to have my phone number changed i paid the $15 phone number change fee. I got the number changed on Boost Mobile's end but because my phone is a flashed HTC EVO 4G i did not tell them Obviously. So how do i change it do i need CDMA Software to change it or what? The Rom it is running is that android2boost.com rom whatever it is here is the software information Android Version 2.3.3 HTC Sense Version 2.1 PRI Version 2.15_003 PRL Version 61007 I do not have phone service now.

    My phone is obviously rooted right since it was flashed to boost mobile service so it is what you call rooted right?

    Please Please if someone can tell me how and what i need to change my phone number on this HTC EVO 4G FLASHED TO BOOST MOBILE BY Android2Boost.com i already backed up the Flashed android2boost rom Software Instructions on how to change phone number Step by Step Instructions???????

    Also what would be the Best rom for my HTC EVO 4G a rom where everything works especially Voicemail Notification,Missed Call Notification, No more calls going straight to Voicemail a rom where everything works like it should any suggestions??????

    If i install a new rom can i still keep my boost mobile service?

    01-25-2012 08:40 PM
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    Again try this guide! http://androidforums.com/evo-4g-all-...ile-guide.html

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    02-04-2012 07:41 PM