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    Ok guys this is Konikubs Elite Series rom updated with the latest OTA kernel and the wifi is fixed.I kept everything intact,nothing was changed as far as the graphics/theme goes and no tweaks added,its as original as you can get.This rom is fast and smooth,so i hope you guys will like the new updated Elite Series IV.The actual problem i was having with the wifi issue was a corrupt driver.I also had to edit the market updater to keep the market from losing the transparency,otherwise it will update and go to the default theme.

    Discalimer:I'm not held responsible for what happens after you download this rom,if you follow the install directions,there will be no problems.


    1)Download the rom to your desktop
    2)Connect your phone to your computer
    3)Drag and drop the rom onto your sd card
    4)Right click the icon in your taskbar and eject your phone
    5)Go into recovery and do a full wipe(everything,BUT SD CARD!!!!DO NOT WIPE SD CARD!!!!)
    6)Go to flash zip,then find zip to flash and install the rom
    7)First boot after wiping takes longer,but when you finish the set-up,go to system update and update your profile and PRL,then your golden.

    Special thanks goes to the following for their commitment,help and donation to make this project successful:

    Wgallt(Donator and beta tester)
    Outerdepth(Help with the wifi)


    Added flashlight app
    Added build.prop tweaks
    Fixed market from updating and losing transparency
    Updated kernel to OTA 4.67.651.3 Stock
    Fixed corrupt wifi driver
    Preserved original theme
    Zipaligned apk's

    Tweaks added:

    Upgraded video recording and picture quality
    Increased wifi speed
    Decreased dialing out delay
    Internet Tweaks
    Render UI with GPU
    Increased size of delvik cache from 32m to 64m
    Increased scrolling response
    Increased battery saving potential
    Increased overall performance
    Increased video acceleration

    Apps added:



    Almost everything works


    Black and white view finder(can't seem to fix this)

    Tweaks & Kernels:

    Lionfish-ver 1.2 Kernel

    Smrfed-Out Tweaks


    With tweaks

    ELITE Series IV Resurrected 1.1

    Without tweaks

    ELITE Series IV Resurrected v.11
    03-10-2012 02:16 PM