1. Corsair's Avatar
    I currently have the original Evo 4G. I'll either upgrade to the EVO 4G LTE or Samsung Galaxy S III at some point this summer. Is it worth keeping my Evo 4G to develop and test applications on or should I just trade it in for the $30 bucks they'll give me?

    I would probably put one of the custom ROMs on it and hopefully use it for development if I ever get the time. It seems like a good way to have actual hardware for testing instead of just using an emulator.
    05-10-2012 03:04 AM
  2. A-android-B's Avatar
    Keep it man (or woman lol). Thirty bucks isn't even a tank of gas these days. At the very least it would make a great mp3 player
    05-18-2012 05:17 PM