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    Here is an easy to follow/simplified guide on how to fully root, install a custom recovery image, and flash custom ROMS on your EVO

    This is just a simplified version of Toastcfh's root




    Once downloaded put the PC36IMG.zip on the root of your sdcard


    --Turn phone off
    --Hold volume down and power button until you see a White screen
    --Set your phone down and watch (it will check files, ect.)

    After it's done,
    --it will ask you would like to flash - SAY YES
    --it will then ask you to reboot - SAY YES

    Your rooted already, but not done yet.

    After your phone boots back up
    --plug it in via USB
    --in cmd prompt type

    adb shell <press enter>
    mv /sdcardPC36IMG.zip /sdcard/root-PC36IMG.zip (Or mount sdcard and find PC36IMG.zip > right click > rename root-PC36IMG.zip)


    --go to the directory you downloaded evorecovery.zip and excract it to your desktop

    --enter adb shell and type -- adb reboot recovery

    --Navigate through cmd prompt to the directory where you saved the evorecovery.zip and type -- recovery-windows.bat

    -- do a nandroid back up before continuing






    --unzip the flash_image.zip

    --unzip the mtd-eng.zip

    --put the flash_image and the mtd-eng.img on the root of your sdcard

    --enter adb and type

    adb shell <press enter>
    cat /sdcard/flash_image > /data/flash_image < press enter>
    chmod 755 /data/flash_image <press enter>
    /data/flash_image misc /sdcard/mtd-end.img

    --now put the PC36IMG.zip you just downloaded on the root of your sdcard

    --turn off your phone

    Last step

    --hold the volume button down then press power to boot into the White screen

    --wait for the new PC36IMG.zip to load

    --it will now ask you to flash - SAY YES

    --it will now ask you if you want to reboot - SAY YES

    --when phone is back on, put the recovery.img that you downloaded on the root of your sdcard

    --open adb and type

    adb shell <press enter>
    cat /sdcard/flash_image > /data/flash_image <press enter>
    chmod 755 /data/flash_image <press enter>
    /data/flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img <press enter>
    reboot recovery

    --your phone will boot into recovery

    --wipe the data and dalvik cache

    --restore the nandroid backup you did earlier in the steps


    Replacing your recovery image




    --put both on the root of your sdcard

    --enter adb and type

    adb shell <press enter>
    cd /data/local <press enter>
    cat /sdcard/flash_image > flash_image <press enter>
    cdmod 755 flash_image <press enter>
    ./flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-clockwork-supersonic.img

    Now we can move on to Flashing ROMs

    --find/download the ROM of your choice

    -- place it on the root of your sdcard

    --boot into recovery (volume button down and power)

    --select flash zip from sdcard (make sure you do a data/factory wipe before flashing new ROMs)

    --choose the ROM and install.
    06-20-2010 01:19 AM
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    For best signal, ect.

    Flash the new radio


    Flashes just like a ROM (do not wipe) with a couple extra steps that are
    easy to follow
    06-20-2010 01:19 AM
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    Can someone please update the links in this post...Thanks a lot!
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