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    blah...okay so I got my flashed evo (to boost) about a week ago...

    i activated it...all that jazz and everything seemed okay. Then I noticed that my signal was HORRIBLE. if the 3g was there, it was greyed out and so were the bars.

    so for a few days I went around thinking it needed to be reflashed and was all worried and mad and then yesterday at the doctor i noticed I had PERFECT signal. texts came and went like nobodys business...internet worked great.

    the thing is, i have great boost and sprint signal at home. Other people with boost, sprint and virgin mobile all get great service here.

    So...I have updated prl, and profile god knows how many times in hopes that it would help. I did it yesterday at the doctors office thinking maybe when i got home id stay connected or something.

    I changed my evdo to cdma hda only and that helped tremendously. but it wont stay. it goes back to auto all the time. I did some other changes but i dont want to get in trouble for posting them here so if you want some more info, PM me.

    I cant have a non-working phone. but I am in a dilemma because the guy that flashed it is a complete ******. complete. he told me i was looking too hard into the problem and the phone just needed to be reflashed. I told him I thought maybe a bit of the antenna we being weird or broken and he said theres no way (im not an *****) I have been searching and searching, along with my husband for a week now...I keep finding bits and pieces of people with SIMILAR problems but i cant find the exact one. Which is why I am posting this. I have contacted many other flashers and have heard lots of different things. But i really do think that its just a small fix that I can do if someone knows the issue i am having.

    So if someone would like to help me...that would be super awesome and wonderful of you.

    I realize I do not have much knowledge but I have been reading for so long and not finding an answer that I thought it would be alright to ask and not get people all irritated on the forum.

    Thank you all,

    EDIT: just figured out that my phone isnt rooted....at least as far as i can tell. I downloaded terminal emulator and typed su by the $ and it didnt # just did another $. I also tried to use the MSL reader app (first to see if 000000 was really a good password for ##3282#....) and it asked if i was sure my phone was rooted...and that made me check with the TE...so....does this pose problems when it comes to 3g not working well? or would rooting it make it easier to fix?
    10-10-2012 10:21 AM

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