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    I've been having some fun flashing different ROMS to test them out. I NAND back up the last best running ROM so not to lose anything.

    I was running Toasted ROM for a few weeks just fine. I installed Fresh 1.0.1 the other day and everything was cool. I NANDed it then tryed CM6. That one had a few too many quirks for me, including that the music player would not see any MP3s in MUSIC folder on the SD card. I couldn't even get Mix Zing to see them but ES File Explorer shows the files are there and would play them.

    I thought CM6 was the problem so I restored my Fresh NAND. Now the same thing is happening, Music player nor Mix Zing will not recognize my music on my SD card, but ES File Explorer sees them.

    Any ideas on what could be causing this? Thanks.
    07-30-2010 01:01 AM
  2. sveilien's Avatar
    Well, I figured out what's causing the problem, but I don't know why it started.

    There was a file called .nomedia in my music folder. I deleted it and the music players can see my music again, though my playlists are still wiped out.

    Very bizarre.
    07-30-2010 01:23 AM