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    I'm in the process of routing my 2.2 evo. I'm running on a macbook pro right now but i'm running windows 7 via bootcamp. At first i downloaded all my files while i was using osx and then i copied them over to my c:\ BOOTCAMP partition and set up all the files and put them where they need to be ex. c:\android\tools\xxxxxxx.zip now i plugged in my evo and went to go transfer unrevoked to the sdcard in the command prompt and its not allowing me saying failed to copy permission denied. it didn't work so i redid all the downloading the files set up another directory all while on windows and i'm getting the same error. Can any one help me out with this?
    08-27-2010 10:54 PM
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    Edit- Do you have USB debugging turned on? Also have you considered mounting the phone to your computer, dragging and dropping the files to SD rather than pushing? This plus lots more info can be found in the rooting how-to sticky at the top of this forum.
    08-27-2010 11:40 PM
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    yea i pretty much did it without the command prompt and did everything else. thought i bricked the thing nearly screamed and then realized everything is working i'm at 2.1 rooted you can clsoe the thread
    08-28-2010 12:06 AM
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    i was able to get all the files on as a disk drive when it goes to the next step adb shell should i go back into charge only mode or should i complete the rest of the process as a disk drive?
    08-28-2010 09:43 PM
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    08-29-2010 11:51 AM
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    Charge only.
    08-29-2010 01:42 PM