1. Kekoh's Avatar
    I was texting most of the day today using the default Messaging app from Cyanogen. A little while ago it bugged out and all my texts got stuck at Sending... I wasn't even receiving texts anymore. Any fixes for future reference? I am restoring right now, will update when I see if it works.

    Restore did in fact work, but very annoying.

    For those of you who don't know, it happens when sending a 2 page text (161+ characters) using the default Messaging app provided by Cyanogen.
    12-07-2010 02:03 AM
  2. AndroidAddict's Avatar
    I have been having this problem for as long as I have been running cyanogen. In the default text app I can't send more than a 1 page message. I think its 160 characters. And I've been using it since the beginning nightlies. I am unaware of a fix.
    12-07-2010 08:04 AM
  3. d3xn2o's Avatar
    Why not Use HandCent

    Personally I have no experienced any issues with it...

    And its a great messaging App... *shameless plug*
    12-07-2010 08:12 AM
  4. AndroidAddict's Avatar
    I tried it and i didnt like it much. i didnt like the skin or something about it. but if it fixes my messaging problem i might give it a try.
    12-07-2010 05:41 PM
  5. mmcnamara43's Avatar
    You can completely customize HandCent, it truly is a great app. IMO....
    12-07-2010 06:33 PM
  6. Kekoh's Avatar
    Yeah, I just found out right now that sending a text with more than 160 char will crash it. I will try handscent, but I do not like how they make it look like iphone texting. I like sprints basic messaging app, and I liked Cyanogen's, but it sucks.
    12-07-2010 09:53 PM
  7. thekarens's Avatar
    I've never had any problem with the Cyanogen messaging app, but I've also never tried to send one more than one page. I personally don't like Handsent.
    12-08-2010 11:40 AM
  8. igotsanevo4g's Avatar
    I dont like handcent either, i want my stock apps to work and work good. I shouldnt have to replace them haha, same goes for the browser.

    Personal preference though.

    I do have this problem too, so i just copy what wont fit in 1 message, and paste onto a new message and it works. I dont know of any other work around yet :/
    12-08-2010 06:01 PM
  9. Kekoh's Avatar
    I ended up installing Handscent. I'm not too happy about it though because it's just an extra thing the system has to deal with. I dislike how the made in an iPhone "wannabe".

    The quick text option is pretty cool though I must admit. Guess I'll have to stick with it for now
    12-08-2010 06:27 PM
  10. conski's Avatar
    im just getting used to this one message thing as well. its a pain but atleast theres a little number when you know your about to exceed 1 message and you can just hit send and keep going
    12-08-2010 06:41 PM
  11. Kekoh's Avatar
    Is this a relatively new bug or an existing one? Why have they not dealt with it?
    12-09-2010 12:50 AM