1. Enderend's Avatar
    Used to be that I could link the "My Contact" card under with my Facebook and Google contact. Recently, I am unable. The phone seems to be using my Facebook contact as "My Contact." I can add information, but I can no longer link it to my Google Contact. Additionally, I am unable to change what contact is set as "My Contact." Anyone know how to change this?

    BTW, I'm running the newest version of Fresh (
    12-30-2010 08:32 AM
  2. jnl813's Avatar
    Good question, I have always had thisproblem with Sense, for example if i call one of my Googe contacts, their picture is not as clear as the one that is listed with Facebook. I emailed HTC about this and they said to simply replace the picture, which i did, and yet, still the same blurry picture on Google contacts when calling.
    12-30-2010 10:02 AM