1. mikevillain's Avatar
    Wondering if anybody else has seen this. About half the time, when I try to go into Clockwork Recovery, the screen just goes completely dark. The phone is still working... if you try really hard and get it in the perfect light, you can still see all the normal recovery text, but, i guess the backlight isn't coming on. This is the only situation in which this issue happens.
    06-03-2011 07:06 AM
  2. digmys's Avatar
    I've had weird screen issues with CWM, and I think they are actually known and documented and the solution is to try again.

    For example sometimes when flashing a new rom, the whole screen will be blurry. I go through the Google account setup process with it blurry and then do a reboot and everything is fine. Only happens like 20% of the time for me though.
    06-03-2011 07:10 AM
  3. flipfone's Avatar
    when this happens hit home and the screen lights back up.
    06-03-2011 08:42 AM