05-10-2010 06:23 AM
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  1. estebancam's Avatar

    First of all, I love webOS. I have been a Palm Pre user since launch date and have never looked back since. However, I am going to add that I am a very up-to-date person, and I love having the best and latest gadgets around, thus, I really dislike having an older one...

    I am on Sprint, obviously, and I am unwilling to change carriers, I like my plan , coverage, and pricing; and frankly, no one can beat the deal that Sprint has right now.

    Here is where I need help. I have had my Pre for 1 year come June 6, and I will be eligible for an upgrade. Obviously, Palm will not release a new phone by that time, which puts me at a difficult position. I love webOS, but not enough to sit by while devices like HTC Evo come along with two cameras, qik support, high-res screens, 1ghz processors, etc. I am willing to wait some time for Palm to come out with a brand new device for Sprint, but I am not willing to wait too long. WebOS is great, but HTC has fixed a lot of the issues I had with Android with their Sense 2.1 release, and frankly, the more I hear about the Evo, the more my brain tells me to leave my Pre behind.

    I think Palm should have had a new device already for those of us that are upgrade-eligible. It's their failure that they were not able to provide hundreds of thousands of launch owners with a new, up-to-date device. However, I love webOS so much I am willing to give them a chance.

    So my question is: Why should I sick with palm? Or should I just give it up and go with HTC Evo and Android?

    I am really starting to enjoy using Android, but only if it has HTC Sense, which hides a lot of Android's shortcomings. Otherwise, I don't like it.
    05-07-2010 02:46 AM
  2. jamiespeck's Avatar
    ANDROID. Im a palm user and thought i would always would be one but i got a hero on craigslist on monday and love it. I justed wanted to see it i could do the software which i can. it awesome and i cant wait till the evo and the sense.
    05-07-2010 03:22 AM
  3. wormdood's Avatar
    I'm in the same boat as you. I have already decided on the the EVO 4G. I have 2 lines, so I will still have my Pre, but I really want a slate-style larger device with higher resolution screen.
    05-07-2010 06:17 AM
  4. dwhitman's Avatar
    I'm with you - launch day Pre owner. FWIW, I'll be getting an Evo.

    Probably predates most of the posters here, but there used to be an insightful comic strip called Pogo, drawn by Walt Kelly. One of the more memorable quotes from that strip may be applicable here:

    "Don't take life too serious...it ain't nohow permanent".

    If Palm releases compelling new devices, even if you get an Evo, you'll be eligible to move to a new WebOS phone in a year. During that time you'll be using the current top-of-the-heap phone, and trying out a competing operating system that has a lot of interesting features. Maybe you'll like it better. Or maybe you'll go back to WebOS after a year. But it's only a year.
    05-07-2010 07:01 AM
  5. yazman666's Avatar
    Allright allright cmon ur asking that question in the andriode/htc evo forums lol i guess u already knew the answer to ur incognita GO ANDROID!!!!!! GO EVO!!!!
    05-07-2010 07:21 AM
  6. estebancam's Avatar
    Yes, I did post this on an Android site; but I also posted it on Precentral. I just want to know both sides, see which platform can suit me better for the next year or so. It seems Palm is not going to release a new phone for Sprint anytime soon, and I don't want to wait too long.

    @ Whitman
    Yes, that is a good side of it that you take. It is only one year, and this past year with the Pre has FLOWN BY FAST.

    What exactly did you like better about Android than webOS? For a while (before Sense 2.1) I thought there was no competition in terms of overall UI.

    I am just thinking about it now because I would like to get it on launch date if get it at all. The EVO seems like a very fun device to have. With TONS of features that I would use everyday. I just love webOS so much, and have downloaded over 40 paid applications that I would be throwing my money away.
    05-08-2010 03:19 AM
  7. MannyZ28's Avatar
    The number one thing that I am sick of as far as webOS is concerned is the lack of speed. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaggy is the best way to describe the Pre. I am tired of looking at blinking icons while the app loads up. Have you opened Google Maps lately? Omg, you can watch all 3 extended edition versions of Lord of the Rings by the time it comes up, and then it's missing features and acts weird. Ok, I am slightly exaggerating here, but you get my point.

    But, no fear says the webOS fan, just leave all the cards open and you won't have to wait! Why yes you do...open up a website in a card, leave it open, do some more multitasking by opening up another website in a card, you'd think you can go right back to the other card, right? I mean, we are in multitasking heaven here, correct? Nope, you go back to the card with the first website, and you get to wait until it reloads the site again. Yay multitasking! Lets not mention the horrible checker boarding you get in the browser, shall we? But wait, there's more trouble in multitasking land. Three letters spell it out perfectly...TMC. Yeah, that wonderful Too Many Cards error that sometimes pops up with only 2 or 3 cards open, sometimes it shows up just because it wants to, and it regularly shows up when you want to play a 3d game. Nothing like trying to show off a game to your friend with an iPhone and having to say...uh, hang on, let me restart my phone real quick. Quick? Not so much....about 2.5 minutes of the blinking Palm thingy will no doubt keep you, and your iPhone carrying friend, entertained until you can finally start that game.

    So, why the Evo? Hmmm, high res huge screen? Yep! Fast cpu? Got that! Non laggy OS with helpful widgets? Got that too! Being able to truly customize the functionality and the look of your phone? Yeppers! (Try that on the Pre, customization without using patches consists of changing your wallpaper, yay?)

    Do I sound like an Android fan that's been around since the G1? Maybe, but I am not. I was a die hard Pre fan ever since January 09 when it was announced. I watched every video on the Pre, followed every rumor of a release date prior to the launch, I anticipated and stayed up late for the release of every update. I was jumping for joy the first time I could change the notification sound for a text message, and jumped even higher when I saw that useless button finally become useful by lighting up when I had a message! So yeah, I was die hard Pre, I made all my friends except one buy one. I scoffed at the thought of ever getting an Android phone, but here I am talking bad about my beloved, laggy, TMC poppin Pre.

    The tech world is changing fast. After reading this, do you really want to stick with your Pre when Sprint, in all their kindness, is dangling a super phone in front of our gadget groping sweaty hands?

    Palm and HP are busy re-grouping now. It would really surprise me if they were to come up with some sort of device in the next month or two. Either way, it's probably doomed to failure because of the imminent launch of the Evo and the next gen iPhone. The bad publicity around Palm, the still failry small App Catalog, and the memories of the horrible hardware issues will still be in consumers minds. Also, Sprint has it's flagship phone for the summer, it's the Evo, they are not going to put a big marketing push behind another phone. AT&T is about to get the Pre and Pixi Plus, do you think Palm would really show up with a beefed up device on another carrier to take even more of the spotlight away from their "old" phones? It's bad enough that the iPhone is the attention getter on AT&T, and really, when you buy a Pre Plus, you're essentially buying a year old phone that will pale in comparison to the next gen iPhone.

    Palm needs to do it right, take their time, use the new deep pockets they found with HP, and not introduce a device until next years CES. By that time, you will know whether you love or hate Android, and within a few months you can either upgrade to that shiny new Palm phone, or, to whatever Android phone Sprint has in store for us this time next year.

    Sorry for the wall of text, but sometime I just can't stop myself.

    Hope this helps.
    05-08-2010 04:15 AM
  8. Eguy's Avatar
    Manny got it right, and I share much of his feelings. I even got my Pre early at the launch party. I was extremely disappointed with the speed and lack of features at launch (Though that was to be expected with a brand new OS). webOS has come far since 1.02 but the EVO is WAY too awesome to pass up. I shall be getting it on launch as well.
    05-08-2010 12:27 PM
  9. bdarknessb's Avatar
    I'm a current Pre owner as well, and i will be ditching it for the HTC Evo. I like webOS and all, but i dont love it. I switched my pre for my brothers Hero for about a month to test out. I have to say I enjoyed Android more. There are alot more apps available for Android that webOS. With the new HTC Sense I say android is the way to go.
    05-08-2010 05:51 PM
  10. 6tr6tr's Avatar
    I'm not kidding when I recommend you send that in a letter to HP/palm. They need a push.

    I agree with you though. I LOVE the UI of WebOS. It's by far the most intuitive, clean, beautiful OS there is. I've used the DROID incredible and I can tell you this:

    1. You're going to hate the buttons at the bottom (which Android forces you to use for things like taking pictures)

    2. You're going to really miss the gestures, even if you think you barely use them

    3. Multitasking's not intuitive and a mess - there's no way to see what apps you have open and click too go to one of them. You CAN see what you have open but all you can do is kill them, not bring them to the front via that app.

    4. In general, android's a bit of a mess (after coming from WebOS). It will NOT be as easy to find everything.

    However, you'll also find that:

    1. You'll realize how many common-sense features you can now take advantage of that WebOS was missing

    2. Voice command/search will be your friend if you use bluetooth

    3. You'll have a lot of power with certain apps that you could never approach in webOS (not because of webos, but because palm didn't implement them or allow them)

    4. The touchscreen is much more responsive, lag disappears!

    5. (This one's BAD) You will find MANY apps have access to private info of yours that they have no reason to have. For example, a movie app (flixster maybe?) that my friend has on his Droid, has access to his call logs!!! WTF do they need that for? And he can't disable that for that app, he'd need to just uninstall the app (but they can all do that).

    6. Battery life will be a little better

    7. You'll love the size of the screen

    8. The hardware is MUCH better

    9. The virtual keyboard's actually LESS efficient to type on than the Pre keyboard. (Yeah, I know, that's crazy but it's true) I found the iPhone virtual keyboard better designed.

    So...there's pluses/minuses. I'd say definitely contact HP AND Palm and let them know. If you don't hear back or hear official news that a new amazing Palm device is coming by July, get the Evo.
    05-08-2010 06:43 PM
  11. LABLE's Avatar
    I think every phone has its problems or something it lacks. People just have to choose what matters to them the most and choose a phone from there.

    I liked the Palm Pre except for the speed issue. The reason why I got the phone was because of the webOS. And I hope that HP can really help push Palm to the potential they have.
    05-08-2010 06:54 PM
  12. dfine1966's Avatar
    I also am day 1, Pre. I am starting to get the itch of getting a new phone. I like WebOS, but the hardware is less then impressive. I do little WebOS version of multitasking and that it can run really good 3D games. For what I know, Android still only has a few powerful 3D games. They don't have Hero's of Sparta, Avatar and other 3D intense games yet. The Android operating systems does seem to be a step backwards from WebOS, but the EVO's hardware is light years ahead of Palms. Unlike others, I might wait and check out the EVO first before I buy. The first batch of new phones always seem to have their problems, "cough, The PRE. I went through 5 until I got a good one." I have also heard through the grapevine that there will be other phones out before August "RUMOR alert, NEW PALM C40, and even a CDMA iPhone(NOT VERIZON). I usually like to get the latest and greatest, but this time around I want to be sure. The EVO seems very tempting, but I want to try it before I buy it.
    05-08-2010 07:53 PM
  13. VKitty's Avatar
    The number one thing that I am sick of as far as webOS is concerned is the lack of speed. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaggy is the best way to describe the Pre.

    My friends Palm Pre runs faster or just as fast as any Android device out.
    05-08-2010 08:29 PM
  14. VKitty's Avatar
    You forgot ...

    The 3D games on Android are lacking/or non existent.
    05-08-2010 08:37 PM
  15. Eguy's Avatar
    My friends Palm Pre runs faster or just as fast as any Android device out.
    Have you used an Incredible or Nexus One? They are blistering with that Snapdragon. MUCH faster than the Pre Plus.
    05-08-2010 09:28 PM
  16. VKitty's Avatar
    Have you used an Incredible or Nexus One? They are blistering with that Snapdragon. MUCH faster than the Pre Plus.
    Yes, I have

    With my Friends Palm Pre, a few overclock patches, and the Pre runs just as fast as the Incredible or Nexus One.
    05-08-2010 10:22 PM
  17. Andrew Ruffolo's Avatar
    My friends Palm Pre runs faster or just as fast as any Android device out.
    My stock Hero runs faster than a Pre, so what?
    05-09-2010 12:08 AM
  18. MannyZ28's Avatar
    Yes, I have

    With my Friends Palm Pre, a few overclock patches, and the Pre runs just as fast as the Incredible or Nexus One.
    That's pretty subjective. Do a little race between the two and let them open the same website at the same time, let them open the mail app at the same time, or google maps, or whatever other apps you have that are comparable. I don't consider swiping between a bunch of open cards compared to swiping through homescreens a good comparison, since neither really test the speed of the phone.

    The reason why there aren't many 3d games out for Android yet is because the Moto Droid was the first Android phone with serious hardware. All the Snapdragon phones hitting the street now,...well, they are just hitting the street now, it takes a while to develop for them as well. Also, Android has that problem that it's not easy to install games on the microSD card, which Google announced will be fixed soon, and if you see the file sizes of the 3d Games on the Pre, you know why having that functionality is going to be very important.

    But yeah, let us know how you determined that the overclocked wonder Pre is as fast as an Incredible. How about some videos to back that claim up?
    05-09-2010 12:40 AM
  19. estebancam's Avatar
    Thanks a lot guys, tons of good information and logical arguments.

    You are right about everything, and i laughed for like 10 minutes when I read the part about the Lord of the Rings.... haha. I don't ever ( and i mean ever) use google maps, but I tried it right away and you were right. In fact, i'm gonna go watch Lord of the Rings...

    I still really love webOS, despite all the shortcomings. It is a great system, with a great UI that really makes things easy.I love it. And I love using it. But again, it does have a few major shortcomings. I ESPECIALLY HATE the too many cards error. That is the most annoying thing in the world. Really, REALLY annoying. I hate it.

    It seems like every time I read about the features of sense 2.1 and Android 2.1, I can't help but be really REALLY jealous. I want them all. I especially love the Goggles app. That's awesome.

    I use 100% of the Pre's features, and I expect to use 100% of the Evo features if I get it, which I am really leaning to get.

    @ VKitty
    See that's my point. I don't want to have to overclock a phone in order to get speedy performance. I just want it to work. Out of the box. I don't buy a phone based on the features I can hack into it, I buy a phone based on what it does out of the box.

    I think Android is clunky, but like I said, Sense 2.1 really fixed some of that and more. I won't use Android unless it has sense on it.

    And actually the reason there aren't too many 3D games for Android is because they don't natively read C and C++, although google said that the ability to read those will come very, very soon.

    I still need to think about it some more, but I am most definitely leaning toward the Evo. I might take your advice and call Palm or HP see if they actually have any devices coming up for sprint.

    I just want a good damn phone that will be able to perform with the times.
    05-09-2010 01:01 AM
  20. hockey4life0099's Avatar
    im exactly the same way, i need the latest and greatest, and im impatient too. i love webos but the evo seems too awesome. my plan is to get the evo and hope webos grows as a platform so i can comeback (with good hardware). there are a few things i know ill miss, here they are.
    1) the best multitasking available.
    2)universal search
    4)gesture area
    5)flicking things

    i will welcome this though
    1)tons of apps
    2)amazing voice search
    3)larger screen
    4)speed (even though the preoverclock is damn fast)
    5)awesome hardware
    05-09-2010 03:30 AM
  21. Andrew Ruffolo's Avatar
    best multi-tasking is debatable and I won't go into it. universal search is on the Evo and all 2.0+ devices, similar functionality to synergy, there are apps that can use gestures (like gesture search, dolphin browser), yeah, flicking won't do anything
    05-09-2010 09:43 AM
  22. VKitty's Avatar
    best multi-tasking is debatable and I won't go into it. universal search is on the Evo and all 2.0+ devices, similar functionality to synergy, there are apps that can use gestures (like gesture search, dolphin browser), yeah, flicking won't do anything
    Both phone do things similar in different ways.

    It depends on what you are looking for, and what you want to do. There is a phone for everyone ::smile::
    05-09-2010 12:38 PM
  23. Reveille's Avatar
    I too am a Pre owner actually have 4 of them one for each family member. Mine is hacked with all kinds of patches,overclocked and runs mobile hotspot. Wife and kids have stock models. I absolutely love webos and suspect I will be back too when HP gets the hardware up to speed. Webos makes it easy to see apps running, switch between them or even close them. Gestures are fast way to navigate around.

    However, 4g speeds of downloads, stock mobile hotspot at 4g speeds, HDMI output, HD camcorder and better camera make it easy to switch. I have had an android phone while I don't think it is as nice as webos the hardware differences more than make up for the os. I like android ok.
    05-09-2010 12:57 PM
  24. estebancam's Avatar
    Yes, I know exactly what you all mean. Android is OK, webOS is AWESOME... But hardware is limited in webOS. Like I said, I think Sprint made the smart move here, they knew that hundreds of thounsads of Pre owners would be eligible for an upgrade in June, so they got a new awesome device ready. Palm... Not so smart. Instead of pushing out a new device for their loyal base of hundreds of thousands of launch users, they released a more 'shiny' version of the original Pre on verizon and still a year and a half later, on ATT. I'm sorry, but I don't consider the Puls versions new devices at all. I consider them fixing the interal specs mistakes of the original Pre and Pixi. That's all. A refresh, if you will. I am leaning more and more towards the EVO. It has some amazing features.
    05-09-2010 01:22 PM
  25. MannyZ28's Avatar
    Flicking the cards off was one of my favorite features, until I realized it's just for show, because it sure doesn't get rid of the TMC error as the little message suggests. I am sorry webOS, there's is nothing left to close, why are you lying to me? Why can't you tell that I told you that I want every app closed to have enough room for a new app to run? Why Why Why?


    I just watched LOTR on Blu Ray, that's why it was on my mind and I used it as a fitting analogy. Glad it got ya to laugh!
    05-09-2010 01:44 PM
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