1. dre3k2's Avatar
    If your nearest Best Buy store is too far away... you can start pre ordering the Evo on May 14th (tomorrow) at The Shack!

    Source: HTC Evo 4G preorders begin at Best Buy, Radio Shack | Android Atlas - CNET Blogs

    "Meanwhile, Radio Shack will begin its preorders on May 14 and, like Best Buy, you will be able to preorder the phone only in stores (the Evo 4G will be available at all of Radio Shack's 4000-plus retail locations nationwide) and you won't have to deal with a mail-in rebate.

    Radio Shack is sweetening the deal by offering a free $20 accessories gift card to those customers who put down a $50 deposit. You will receive the gift card once you pick up the device on June 4 or June 5. This certainly sounds like the better deal, but we should note that if you preorder a device, Radio Shack will hold the phone for you only for two days and cannot guarantee it will have the handset in stock if you come in after June 5."
    05-13-2010 02:25 PM
  2. jedisrus's Avatar
    That's good news. With them offering pre-orders it looks like they probably have a large number in stock and ready to be shipped. Much better than Palm's handling of the Pre.
    05-13-2010 02:30 PM