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    So, long time stalker of many of these help threads, first time poster

    I am having an issue with my HTC Evo 4G Sprint phone in regards to the thumbnails in my gallery vs the actual pictures that pull up full size. When looking at my thumbnail gallery, all of the thumbnails seem completely fine, absolutely no issues with the images, nothing. But SOME of the images, when clicked on and brought up into full screen, look like half of the image itself is stacking or repeating ontop of itself. An example of what I mean can be seen in the following post.

    It's only on a FEW pictures but the thumbnails for said pictures are completely fine. I should also point out that I am fairly mod illiterate and have never done any sort of personal upgrade, modification, etc to the phone itself, so please keep that in mind if you are trying to explain a solution and be patient, I may not immediately understand what you are saying

    Anyone else having similar issues or have any idea as to what it may be?
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    10-28-2011 02:20 AM
  2. Raowen's Avatar
    10-28-2011 02:23 AM
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    I'm having the same problem. It started about 2 weeks ago.
    10-28-2011 11:11 AM
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    On my phone the tumbnails are all distorted and have gray and black bars on it and show different picutres but when i click on it the normal picture shows.

    11-01-2011 01:27 PM
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    Any of you guys rooted??? Have we taken the card out and tried it in our computers to see if there is a problem with the card?
    11-05-2011 10:01 PM
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    Same thing is happening to me? Any ideas?
    11-30-2012 09:31 PM