1. marclile's Avatar
    FYI... Just got a call from the Radioshack that I pre-ordered from and she said that they were opening an hour early on the 4th and if I came in during that hour, I would get 15% off of any accessories that I wanted to buy.
    06-01-2010 12:39 PM
  2. Ky1e.YC's Avatar
    guess only question left is what about that $10 coupon
    06-01-2010 12:49 PM
  3. marclile's Avatar
    Actually... when I pre-ordered, she told me that they were giving a $20 coupon towards accessories. so i guess i get 20 bucks AND 15% off
    06-01-2010 01:06 PM
  4. DocPeanut's Avatar
    If there is someone in store buying an EVO while I'm there I'll probably give them my $20 accessory card. There is nothing I can think of that I need from there.
    06-01-2010 01:15 PM
  5. NorthBayX415's Avatar
    do i have to buy my evo from them to get the 15%
    06-01-2010 01:48 PM
  6. pooch_spit's Avatar
    Is this supposed to be for people who purchase the Evo only? I just talked to someone from my RadioShack and they told me I only get the $20 credit for accessories from when I preordered.
    06-01-2010 03:09 PM
  7. pooch_spit's Avatar
    Well I called another RadioShack in my area and they said the 15% off is for people who are there before the store opens....yet the one I preordered from has no idea....

    Did everyone else who preordered from RS have an appointment scheduled for them? They said they were doing appointments, yet when I preordered at the other store they mentioned nothing about it.
    06-01-2010 07:40 PM
  8. FearFormsFunction's Avatar
    Or you could just use your Sprint Premier 25% accessory discount at a Sprint store....
    06-01-2010 07:43 PM
  9. NicksGarage's Avatar
    There are several threads about this arleady. Some stores are opening early, some are not. Some people got appointments, some did not.
    06-01-2010 07:43 PM
  10. pretzelsbb's Avatar
    but since some are not opening early.. do people that preordered still get the 15% off?
    06-01-2010 08:21 PM
  11. jrcbandit's Avatar
    but since some are not opening early.. do people that preordered still get the 15% off?
    I would like to know this too. The store I pre-ordered from is doing appointments and they are only opening 30 minutes early for the first appointment at 8:30.

    When I talked to an employee he didn't know anything about a 10 or 15% additional discount but he said he would look into it.
    06-01-2010 11:06 PM