1. jfelectron's Avatar
    OK, so I preordered my Evo first day. I keep reading about people getting appointments or other evidence of orderly rollouts from their local BBM. Today I decide to call said local BBM and it went something like this:

    Q: 'How are you guys handling the Evo launch?'.
    A: 'Umm...we're like calling people maybe the night of or the day of so they can come over'.

    Q: 'So are you giving people appointments?'
    A: 'long pause...Ummm no we're just calling people so they can come over.We have over 50 preorders.'

    Q: 'Like in the middle of the day? How is that going to work?'
    A: 'I don't know, maybe you can get it on Saturday or something.'

    Lol...whatever. I'm just showing up and asking for my phone, whordes of evo hungry zombies be damned!
    06-02-2010 07:56 PM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    Next time try not to use a word that might be offensive to others in your thread title... (I went ahead and changed it for you.)
    06-02-2010 07:57 PM