1. hloz89's Avatar
    just like the hero, can you just plug up the evo via usb to a laptop and change a couple settings in the wireless menu without actually paying for hotspot?
    06-03-2010 12:54 AM
  2. Brainerd's Avatar
    Yep. EasyTether or PdaNet in the Android Market will do the trick.
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    06-03-2010 01:01 AM
  3. TheOnlyMorgan's Avatar
    I believe the Connect to PC setting in the settings and turn internet sharing on. Have to have HTC Sync installed on PC, then connect up your EVO to PC via USB and you can tether that way.
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    06-03-2010 01:03 AM
  4. hloz89's Avatar
    that's great to hear! now i gotta wait later on this year to see the power of 4g because san francisco is on the waiting list!
    06-03-2010 01:04 AM
  5. TheOnlyMorgan's Avatar
    Yeah, should note though it hasn't officially been endorsed by Sprint, nor has it been confirmed that it will still be unlocked for everyone else. But on other boards users have tested the built in tether feature and right now for them it is unlocked. Whether it's a result of Sprint letting up on disallowing tethering of the phone due to charging an extra $10 monthly, or a simple slip up that'll be corrected soon after launch isn't known.

    06-03-2010 01:09 AM
  6. BrianFX's Avatar
    Considering that ICS worked on the WinMo phones for YEARS before they closed it, I'd be surprised if they close USB tether sync anytime soon.
    06-03-2010 01:43 AM
  7. AZwldcats's Avatar
    Any Wifi Tether options? Those look to be USB/BT which are not really convenient for me.
    06-03-2010 02:40 AM
  8. Auzo's Avatar
    Yes, but as far as I can tell all the wifi options are root only options.

    Here is an option:
    06-03-2010 02:46 AM
  9. AZwldcats's Avatar
    Excellent. I will be rooting it so looks like I will be good to go...
    06-03-2010 02:43 PM