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    I pre ordered the evo at my best buy on broadway blvd in Tucson AZ the first day that they started taking preorders. I was the sixth person to preorder it and have a 6 am appointment to pick up my evo on friday. When i went to preorder it i made it abundantly clear that i am not due for an upgrade from sprint till december and i will not be adding a third line to my account. Instead i told them i wanted to pay the full price for the evo to buy it outright. I was quoted a price of 449 which i am more than happy to shell out for.
    Sometime later i was browsing the best buy website and saw the price on the evo being listed as 599. I called my best buy store and spoke to someone in their mobile phone dept who assured me that best buy will price match sprint.
    About 4 days ago i was at that best buy shopping for other stuff when i decided to talk to a best buy employee who once again assured me that best buy will price match sprints 449. He repeated this claim about three times and i felt like an ***** for having my doubts with best buy.
    Also when best buy called to set up my appointment the lady i spoke with gave me the same information.
    I dont know why i had a feeling that best buy would go against their word but today i was told by best buy that they will NOT price match sprints offer and that they will charge the full 599 plus tax. They had no reason to offer about this sudden change in their policy. I was told I could speak to the manager at the best buy store at 2 pm today but that she would not be able to answer anymore than the person i was talking to at the time. I figured they let me know since i must be on their radar having constantly asked for a price assurance.
    Needless to say i am really ticked off. I dont understand why they would go back on what they have been telling me at the last minute or day.
    It is pretty difficult to get a hold of anyone at the sprint stores via phone. I did receive another email from sprint yesterday informing me that the sprint store will be opening at 8 am ...a whopping one hour before they normally open. When i did speak to a sprint employee at the sprint store they were unaware of the cost of buying the evo even though i referred to two sprint emails which i have received indicating the price to buy this phone outright. Even the manager at the store denied knowing as yet the full price for the evo and tried talking me into adding a third line and getting a 'better deal'. He also denied that the sprint store will be opening early. When i asked him what time will they be opening tomorrow he answered 8 am. I then asked if that is the usual time they open and he said no we open at 9. I then thought about explaining the concept of time to him.. Classic sprint...
    So tomorrow I will be at the best buy for my pre order appointment and i will call them out on their shady conduct. I will then probably head over to the sprint store and stand in line for a shot at getting my evo. Radio shack is out of the question as i was told they might have two evos available for walk ins. The walmarts in town think the evo is a type of lego.
    06-03-2010 01:30 PM