1. top magoo's Avatar
    for the last couple of weeks, i've had some problems with my evo.

    1> while charging my phone overnight, i plug it in and let it charge while i'm sleeping. sometime during the night, it shuts itself off, sometimes it restarts, but most of the time it stays powered off. since it's powered off, there is no alarm.

    2> i have noticed another issue that the screen will activate on it's own. it's a little weird that it can be sitting on my desk, then it just turns on.

    my daughter's evo has the same issues.

    this morning, i brought it to the sprint repair store to have the problems diagnosed. the repair guy said that there was a batch of evos with an overheating while charging problem. the phone will shut down to protect itself, i guess? anyway, he told us that we both will be getting replacement phones and my diagnostic fee was waived.

    i have been a little unhappy with sprint lately, but this sort of eased the ill-feelings i've had toward them.
    02-04-2012 02:29 PM