1. NorthBayX415's Avatar
    I was fooling around with me evo

    Checked the settings to hotspot and turned it on and it works n im on 3G. Is it working for now? Or did they activate it on my account. The sprint associate didnt ask me about it?
    06-04-2010 02:56 PM
  2. r-nice's Avatar
    Better watch for charges on your account.
    06-04-2010 03:03 PM
  3. Kedar's Avatar
    Oh jeez, I hope they didn't start it for mine.
    Crap. Mine was able to start too.
    06-04-2010 03:07 PM
  4. akarol's Avatar
    I think they said you can use tethering for a month or so with the $10?!
    06-04-2010 03:10 PM
  5. the d's Avatar
    I activated the hotspot on my phone. I have a USB modem already. Now that I've seen how much faster 4G is (it's great in Seattle!), I'm going to ditch the card altogether. My phone bill may have gone up $40 (4G charge and the hotspot), but overall, I'll be saving $20.
    06-04-2010 03:12 PM
  6. ddunn's Avatar
    I didn't I'm locked into a MiFi data account until next year. Once 4G rolls out I might take the ETF and turn it on then
    06-04-2010 03:13 PM
  7. fgkay's Avatar
    I think they said you can use tethering for a month or so with the $10?!
    I read that somewhere too. Tried it on 4G with 2 laptops connected - even took a call at the same time . Phone got a bit warm but it worked great with decent, usable speeds.
    06-04-2010 03:17 PM
  8. sYnOnYx's Avatar
    I thought we had it free for 15 days ?
    06-04-2010 03:47 PM
  9. GGotti's Avatar
    I hope so because mine is active also and if they added it without my permission I will be upset.
    06-04-2010 04:07 PM
  10. sethpcs's Avatar
    06-04-2010 04:14 PM
  11. NorthBayX415's Avatar
    That artivle says "4G(No3G)" im about to go ask just to make sure
    06-04-2010 04:32 PM