1. Bigchris's Avatar
    WOW, I was playing around with gmaps on the EVO and its sooooo nice... Coming from the Pre, there was no street view, and you weren't able to save look ups into contacts either. Its Fast, accurate, I'm really blown away at it. Its the small things that make a huge difference....
    06-06-2010 02:33 AM
  2. Carioca_FL's Avatar
    100% agreed. I wouldn't mind if the Pre kept the same features, but its speed was really the major issue, making it almost impossible to use it. To be clear, once it (finally) loaded, it was acceptable, provided you had good 3G coverage or a decent wifi nearby -on weak/overloaded wifi APs, Gmaps was unbearable.

    You've probably seen it already, but try enabling more layers even. Go to Gmaps, Menu, More and choose Labs. From terrain layers, measuring tapes and on screen buttons, it makes Gmaps an amazing app.
    06-06-2010 03:07 AM
  3. kinster02's Avatar
    Yeah, you can't get any better then Android for Google maps. I just can't believe I went a year using the Pre's tiny little screen.
    06-06-2010 05:49 AM