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    As odd as it sounds, I think my Instinct spoiled me back in the day. The one thing they got right was Voice Commands over bluetooth. I really missed that total hands-free control when I moved to the Pre and I thought I was going to get it back with the EVO and Android, but I can't get it to work. Am I missing something, or is it just not available?

    I've seen the Voice Dialer, but that (I believe) requires me to press the Home button, then Voice Dialer (I put it on my Home Screen), then say a command, and then touch the screen to confirm or select an option - right?? If so, that's too much looking at the phone and pressing 'buttons'.

    With the Instinct, it was simply a matter of one quick press to my bluetooth headset and the Instinct would respond with "Say a command" - I could tell it to "Call Home" - it would repeat the command (i believe) and then do it - or it would ask me "Did you say 'Call Mom' etc" and I could answer yes or no.

    THAT is the kind of Voice Command over bt that I'm looking for. If the Instinct could do it, why can't these much better phones (Pre and now EVO) do it??

    Am I just missing something? Is that 'one touch' voice command over bt possible?

    I'm using EVO w/ a Plantronics 640 bt headset

    06-07-2010 11:39 PM
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    Sorry for the bump, but I was hoping the morning crowd could take a look at give some advice on this topic.
    06-08-2010 08:52 AM
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    I don't think it is possible now, but I believe it is a froyo feature.
    06-08-2010 09:35 AM