1. doosh's Avatar
    Is there a way to access street view from the maps app? I've only been able to reach it via navigation while driving somewhere.
    06-10-2010 05:30 PM
  2. jpena53's Avatar
    Yeah but it can only be brought up when you search for something specific and then you navigate around in street view as you please. So start with something like a business and touch the little arrow to bring up options and there is the street view option.

    Hope this helps.
    06-10-2010 05:39 PM
  3. Grung's Avatar
    Actually if you just touch and hold anywhere on the map it will pop up the address or location closest...tapping the pop-up box gets you to the menu where you can choose street view.
    06-10-2010 07:22 PM
  4. kinster02's Avatar
    And then you can open the menu to access compass view which awesome!
    06-10-2010 07:30 PM